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What’s Wrong About Questions?

When you’re in a business or personal situation, with an end-goal in mind to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT, you may find yourself with a well-prepared and best possible list of questions… that you never get to ask.

In this first of two segments, I’ve got some reminders to share that will help you get past “leading questions” or “confirmation bias” and get to something meaningful.

THE ASKING FORMULA is about how to ask for what you WANT and not about what question you ASK.

Asking and the Higgs Boson – Using Physics to Sell

The Higgs Boson is an elementary particle so important to physics, that its nickname is the “God Particle”. What is it and what does it do? I have no idea.

Yet, thousands of scientists and engineers influenced their peers to invest billions of dollars in research to prove their ideas to be worthy of consideration.

In this installment, I share a story of how to think and act like a physicist to SHOW what you’re asking for (Step 3 of The Asking Formula) and step up your powers of influence to get what you want.

2 Strategies to Turn a “No” to a “Yes”

In researching my 1st book, one of the topics was about change. Most people would say they “love change”. (And we’re not talking about coins.)

Not true.

What they hate is BEING changed.

Once your audience loses the sense that they are not in control, they stop changing. They stop saying “yes” and start to say “no.”

Here are 2 strategies you can employ in these circumstances of managing change; both are inherent to the 4th step of The Asking Formula – develop “Best Reasons”.

I’ve got examples to share with each strategy, as personal proof… watch.