Do You Want To:

  • Have more success in your career? At school? In your relationships?
  • Close more business?
  • Shorten sales cycles?
  • Be more persuasive?
  • Stand out from the crowd and have a distinguishing brand?
  • Build better, more collaborative teams?

Ask Yourself This:

How many times during the day – whether during a sales call, conducting a presentation, leading a meeting, running a project – is it vital for you to ask for something that you want in order to achieve your goals? Yet many of us sabotage ourselves through bad communications habits that act as roadblocks to achieving our goals.

Asking is a simple skill, but it is not easy to master and there is no exaggerating its benefit. The Asking Formula leads to more confident communications, better influence, and a heightened professional image. It drives productivity and increases leadership effectiveness. The Asking Formula™ teaches you to achieve your goals by effectively and persuasively asking for what you want… and getting it.

There is a fundamental truth in life: YOU DON’T GET WHAT YOU DON’T ASK FOR.