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The Importance of a Simulated Practice (To Get What You Want)

In this post, you’ll see how I “mash up” lessons learned from Vince Lombardi and my high school basketball coach. Together, they form an idea we follow in Asking Formula workshops: Practicing and Simulating.

You see, it’s not just what you practice to get good at something (for example, asking for what you want), but also how you go through that practice: who will be present? Do you have a time constraint? What “tell” does your audience have you would recognize?

No matter your word scrutiny or suave demeanor in an asking situation, you’re never fully prepared without simulating the opportunity beforehand.


Do Your Kids Know What They Want (And How to Influence Positive Outcomes)?

A special “Back to School” edition of The Asking Lab.

This is an exciting time of year as we prepare our children to go back to school. They have new backpacks full of school supplies, are dressed in their new clothes, and are waiting to meet their new teachers with fellow classmates.

So… what comes next? Do they know what to expect? Do they have academic, athletic, or artistic goals for the year? Do they have the ability to influence positive outcomes for these goals?

Watch this throwback post, “Back to School” – first shared with you back in 2013. IT STILL WORKS!

What You Think Prospects Want (4 Common Misconceptions)

You’ve done your homework and research. Your ego is primed and ready. But do you really know what your prospect wants… and how to communicate it?

Here’s a guess: you think you do – but you may have leapt too quickly.

Take a few moments out of your day to:

  1. Hear 4 commonly made misconceptions my readers have shared during their business processes and communication, and
  2. Learn to hone in on these key trappings so you don’t fall into the same situation.

Watch “What You Think Prospects Want” (aka “4 Assumptions That Lead to a NO).