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What You Think Prospects Want (4 Common Misconceptions)

You’ve done your homework and research. Your ego is primed and ready. But do you really know what your prospect wants… and how to communicate it?

Here’s a guess: you think you do – but you may have leapt too quickly.

Take a few moments out of your day to:

  1. Hear 4 commonly made misconceptions my readers have shared during their business processes and communication, and
  2. Learn to hone in on these key trappings so you don’t fall into the same situation.

Watch “What You Think Prospects Want” (aka “4 Assumptions That Lead to a NO).

Asking and the Status Quo

Vol. 3, Issue 7

I’m going to give you a tip on how to get people to make a decision and take action.

I define sales simply: all sales is asking for change. Therefore, the biggest barrier to change that we need to confront is the Status Quo effect.

Why do humans have a tendency to remain at status quo? And why does determining your “Burning Platform Best Reason” increase the chance of getting what you’re asking for?

Answer these questions to learn how. Watch