John Baker and Dave Varner Combine Intellectual Property to Leverage “The Asking Formula” in The Millau Group Sales Process

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Varner will leverage Baker’s award-winning book and program “The Asking Formula” in The Millau Group’s current sales process – performance focused, certified measurement, and guaranteed effectiveness.

SAINT PAUL, MN (June 9, 2016) – John Baker today announced a strategic partnership with Dave Varner to integrate Baker’s award-winning program, “The Asking Formula,” into The Millau Group’s innovative sales training process, workshops, and preeminent expertise.

Said Baker, “I believe The Millau Group stands apart in the training field for businesses seeking to improve and encourage sales, leadership, and communication successes. It is an ideal integration of our programs because the practical applications and merits in measurement parallel the holistic model of ‘The Asking Formula’.”

Added Varner, “Our organization is significantly changing the sales training industry and ‘The Asking Formula’ is a perfect fit; combined with our innovative process and program execution, it offers a simple, repeatable practice for anyone to understand what they want and ASK for it in a way that’s most likely to produce the desired outcome. It’s progressive, effective and easily measurable. The real-time, peer-to-peer feedback through the workshop structure – as well as the video & cloud technology features of the ASK U app – complement our independently certified measurements and guaranteed results.”

Details of the partnership and workshops / programs are determined with each prospective company to best suit the goals of specific training needs, the individual business, and team culture. ASK UTM is currently an enterprise-packaged solution, available on iPad®, iPhone® and AndroidTM devices.


About John Baker

Baker is President and CEO of READY Thinking Worldwide: the leading provider of thought leadership and training programs, including The Asking Formula. He is the author of two award-winning books: READY Thinking – Primed for Change and The Asking Formula – Ask For What You Want…And Get It.

John’s background includes extensive experience in sales, leadership, and personal development. His past jobs included roles of COO and SVP at such leading firms as American Express and Ameriprise Financial. He currently serves the Secretary of Defense as an expert in the DoD’s Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. Thousands of individuals across the globe have participated in John’s training programs and have benefited from his message.

About Dave Varner

Mr. Varner is President & Founder of The Millau Group (established in 2013). He has more than 14 years of sales training consultant and leadership experience with SalesCycle as well as Miller Heiman (now MHI Global). Dave founded The Millau Group based on the idea that “conventional sales training does not produce sustainable, measurable results. It does not reduce variation in the execution of a sales organization.”

About The Asking Formula

The Asking Formula empowers people to immediately implement the most effective, straightforward and high-impact process for structuring best-in-class persuasive communications to achieve objectives.

See ASK U in the iTunes store and on Google Play.

About The Millau Group

TMG is evolving how organizations view sales training, evolving from a static approach that existed for more than 30 years. We work with our clients to implement an intuitive, easy to execute and managed sales process that produces guaranteed, measurable results and predictable growth in their businesses.

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Dave Varner

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