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Have the Courage to Want ONE Thing

Vol. 3, Issue 10

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity and not in multiplicity and confusion of things.”

While that sounds like (another) commentary on pending election news, it’s not – it’s wisdom from Sir Isaac Newton.

Newton, like great orators, people with persuasive skills, and influential leaders know: keep it simple.

They don’t ask for many things or demand listeners to juggle multiple inputs. They know how to NOT become irreverent to listeners.

The lesson is simple, but it takes courage.

A Natural Supplement to Increase Your Influence

Vol. 3, Issue 9

I recognize this is somewhat of an odd topic when it comes to learning to ask for what you want, but let me ask you this:

  • Are you influenced by someone who is distracted and unfocused?
  • Are you persuaded by someone who is just going through the motions?
  • Can you tell me you’re on top of your game when you are tired, irritable, and unprepared? Are you at your best when you can’t react to how others are responding to you?

The obvious answer is: NO. But you can avoid such scenarios with just one solution. Watch.

Take Advantage of Affinity Bias

Vol. 3, Issue 8

It’s common sense that we tend to like people who are like ourselves.

We have a natural propensity to be associated with people who we can relate to, who share certain values, and who we are comfortable around.

This tendency to surround ourselves with like-minded people is called affinity bias. It’s a concept that routinely comes up in the context of a workplace or organizational culture.

By developing Best Reasons, you can use these situations to your advantage. Intrigued? Watch our latest installment to see what I mean.