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John, this book is fantastic. I just started with a new company as an inside sales rep. In my new role, I am making a lot of outbound sales calls (which is completely new to me).

It has been a bit overwhelming trying to learn the “art” of sales calls. I read this book last night and it immediately became clear to me that I was overthinking my entire approach. Such a simple and effective formula. I tried it out when I got to work today and… BAM! Landed an appointment on the first call. THANK YOU!

Shana November 11, 2017

AA-ISP Workshop

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“Fantastic session.”

“John did a great job!”

(Overall, attendees scored the 2017 AA-ISP Sales Conference 4.23 of 5. “The Asking Formula” received a score of 4.67 of 5.)

Anonymous June 7, 2017

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Highly Recommended

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We recently had an Asking Formula seminar for our 15 sales people. I highly recommend it to any organization looking to be more efficient in their sales cycle. It presents a great job of explaining the material and getting everyone engaged.

The Principals of the Asking Formula are very straight forward and easy to implement. This may have been our first ever training we offered where we had 100% buy in to the concepts proposed in the seminar.

We have a sales staff of people from 1 to 35 years of sales experience and everyone walked away feeling they received valuable insight on how to close more business. As they teach in the Asking Formula, asking for what you want is a skill, and like all skills it needs to be practiced. We continue to teach the principals we learned.

Minnesota Air May 2, 2017

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