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What Sales Professionals Can Learn From the Marines

The military is very much a top-down, command-and-control environment. It is essential that orders are communicated clearly and with alacrity.

As you can imagine, this style of “battlefield” communication doesn’t always work back at home, which is how I teach vets how to use influence and persuasion – how to “ask” in other words – to get things done when the command and control style isn’t a good fit.

Despite their training – or maybe because of it – our military members make for some of the best ASKERS you can imagine.

Why? They have skills that translate into leadership and sales practices.

WATCH to see what I mean.

3 Hacks for More Sales

Vole. 4, Issue 1


  1. a writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work. “a hack scriptwriter”
  2. a strategy or technique for managing one’s time or activities more efficiently. “there’s one easy hack to avoid the eight dollar popcorn trap: eat before you get to the theater”

But, today, the word hack has better currency and attracts a lot of interest. The definition has morphed into something positive.

Being a hack today means you’ve demonstrated cleverness and ingenuity; that you solved a meaningful problem in an unusual and unprecedented way.

4 Techniques to Get What You Want

Vol. 2, Issue 12

“You seemed aggressive. You sounded arrogant and condescending. You kind of creeped me out… You really aren’t sure you deserve what you are asking for.”

Sounds awkward to hear, if it’s directed toward you, right?

How would you react to hearing this feedback, after you’ve role-played your “ask” in a workshop? (I frequently ask workshop participants to role-play, because practice is underestimated, and not met with much enthusiasm… but it’s essential to improving your skills.)

Watch how we addressed these non-verbal behaviors to assist a CEO during a recent workshop – he reworked his ask with 4 SIMPLE TECHNIQUES – to hit his 2nd attempt out of the park.